With close to 20 years of B2B eCommerce knowledge and technical know-how. We can provide the best solution for your business needs.


Netset is the world's leading supplier of premium eCommerce solutions for the IT industry. Our platforms are called Nettailer and Distbox. We developed them in-house, so we not only know them back to front, but with several hundreds systems in commercial operation around Europe, we also know that our solutions are among the best.


For almost twenty years at Netset we have been working with eCommerce for the IT and Telecom sector. That’s nothing, you might say, but how powerful was your computer or mobile device twenty years ago?

"Netset is all about the best eCommerce experience"


Today, Netset works with a number of leading players in the IT and Telecom sector. Our common interest is profitable eCommerce.


Does your company sell IT or Telecom products via the Internet? Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your processes? Our eCommerce solutions reduces transaction costs and increases profitability.


Innovation is a key word for us. Our solutions are developed together with our customers regularly - to always meet the changing requirements in the market.

What we make

At Netset we strive to produce industry leading B2B technology. Over the years we have condensed our expertise and knowledge into three important products, and these are;


The eCommerce solution for small and medium-sized IT or Telecom retailers

Nettailer is a standardized e-commerce software package that contains both basic and advanced features to get online with your suppliers as well as manage and setup your customers. If you work with larger customers, there are advanced tools available that meet their needs.

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Nettailer Drive

The eCommerce solution for larger sized IT and Telecom retailers

Customize and develop your eCommerce for your own actions and surrounding systems. Nettailer Drive is ready to get on-line with your suppliers, and contains advanced features for managing medium and large customers. Nettailer Drive has hundreds of different optional functions and can be tailored to your needs.

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The complete eCommerce solution for IT distributors

Distbox provides easy management of your distributor webstore as well as setting up subshops for resellers within the same platform. Connect with your resellers on-line via advanced order and dispatch services. Distbox enables you to act on all levels in the value chain.

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Some of our clients


Do you want to be involved in developing tomorrow’s applications for eCommerce? Our development department needs more skilled programmers.