Nettailer Drive™


Use Nettailer Drive to enhance your business with advanced features found no-where else!

The Nettailer Drive product catalogue is provided by CNET, the leading provider of structured IT product information. Product images, specifications and accessories are all there and for many popular runner products there are various options for you to choose from, so you can select the images, information and marketing materials that best suit your business.


Key Features Included;

  • Setup as a store for on-line sales and/or procurement tool
  • Can be integrated with any ERP-, Logistic-, CRM- or Asset Management System.
  • Powerful B2B eCommerce, both for you and your customers
  • Adapt and develop the solution to meet your unique needs
  • Powerful EDI support
  • Powersearch – With Nettailer Drive, you and your customers will easily find the exact product using the powerful Powersearch feature
  • Marketing tools – run your own special promotions and campaigns that will be available for your online sales. You can display banners and email all customers or specific groups with targeting based on purchase history.
  • Optional Features – hundreds of different optional features, for example subscriptions, quotations, external customer integrations and more